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Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics are the only two publications covering the global supply chain, end to end. Both publications cover everything from warehousing and transportation, to sustainability, procurement, risk management, software and technology, supply chain education and more for executives and experts in the industry. 

WE PROVIDE EXECUTIVES with fresh, relevant content delivered through industry-leading digital properties, magazines, newsletters, email deployments, videos, webinars, podcasts, whitepapers, social media sites and more. 

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Supply Chain Network Media Kit

By leveraging our supply chain audience, we help advertisers drive brand awareness by incorporating multiple marketing tactics with a diverse assortment of methods like webinars/seminars, custom content, print/digital magazine advertising, social posts, etc. to meet their marketing objectives and beyond.

Want to know how you can utilize these services for your company’s marketing messages? View our online media kit for more detailed information about our print and digital publication efforts across all construction brands.

Lead Generation

Through our ENTENT lead generation services, achieve unparalleled reach through our industry-leading audience for the end-to-end supply chain.

Clients can utilize highly targeted services (ENTENT Premier, Catalyst, Content Marketing, Webinars & Seminars, MQL Video & More) to drive engagement through a sales funnel.

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Industry-Leading Digital

There are unlimited ways to communicate the value of your products and services through a variety of online channels. We take your message and directly target to our audience through video promotion, social simulcast, website advertisement, etc.

Reach your marketing goals by utilizing our industry-leading digital products to expand your audience and convert prospects into sales.

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Custom Content Marketing

Showcase your promotional messaging conveniently through website advertising, email marketing, engaging videos, social channels and other marketing efforts in the supply chain.

Our custom marketing solution service, EXTEND, allows customers to have a greater range of designs and audience reach. We take clients’ goals and turn them into success stories through our various marketing channels, customized to their own personal messages.

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Custom Print Offerings

Through our portfolio of renowned print publications, we have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients across the industry and have learned what works for their custom print needs.

We use our expertise to help craft customized print campaigns that we then take to send your message to our loyal reader audience. 

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